10 Lies About Caring For Your Teeth

Effectively, electric toothbrushes help to remove more plaque than manual brushes. That does not mean that manual brushes are not effective, but you need to be very thorough and spend a little more time brushing if you use a manual toothbrush. Even so, with electric brushes we also have to make movements when it comes to brushing if we want a healthy mouth.

Excessive hygiene can damage your teeth

Brushing your teeth compulsively will not make your teeth whiter. In fact toothpaste can damage your teeth as they contain abrasive elements that together with too strong brushing can lead to problems in your teeth and gums. Ideally brush after meals for 2 or 3 minutes without too much pressure on the gum or the tooth.

Chewing gum causes cavities

Chewing gum helps to produce saliva, which makes your mouth protected from pathogens. What is true is that chewing gum excess can cause your teeth to wear out as it tends to witch (brushing teeth). Ideally, if we take gum, it is sugar-free.

Educate children on bite

It is not advisable to give only soft foods to young children. As in the rest of things, children also have to learn to chew and for it the best is to introduce consistent food into your diet little by little. In this way, they will develop a good mandibular movement that will make their bite the correct one

Having your teeth aligned is just a matter of aesthetics

Having our teeth well placed not only makes our smile look more beautiful. Good chewing is important not only for our mouth, but also for the rest of the digestive system. Chewing food well then digesting them is only the first stage of digestion. Also having your teeth aligned helps to have a good bite, which can affect the spine in case this is not correct.

Home bleaching products

The products used to whiten teeth at home, besides being harmful to our teeth because they produce sensitivity, are not deriders. Tan only contain about 10% of bleaching agents so the effect “film smile” is not you get to get through these products. Ideally, if you want whiter teeth, you go to your dentist confidence and realizer’s one tooth whitening. Eye! Not everyone can do a teeth whitening. For some people who have more sensitivity than others, dental bloating is not a good option. Even so, there are alternatives to having whiter teeth like veneers.

Daily use of mouthwash is harmful to our teeth

Mouthwashes, which help control bacterial plaque, can be harmful to our mouth. Continued use of rinses can cause our enamel to be affected as these mouthwashes kill both bad bacteria and those that are beneficial to our mouth. For this reason it is advisable to use them only from time to time and not on a continuous basis.

The dental problems are always accompanied by pain

Many times, when we have a slight pain in the mouth, we wait for this to be mitigated. Periodontal diseases are usually not accompanied by unbearable pain. In fact, these types of ailments usually have a mild effect on the patient and have reached a point where they stop disturbing, so on many occasions we think that the problem has disappeared when in Reality has only worsened.

No need to take care of the baby teeth of children

The false idea that the teeth of children do not need as much care as adults does only lead to the digestion of the child in question being affected by chewing. On the other hand could lead to the displacement of other adjacent pieces. In addition, as a result of this, the adult teeth could come out in an irregular manner.

The dentures are forever

If we have lost teeth and have opted for a denture to solve the problem it is important to know that the mouth changes over the years, so that the same dentures, a bridge or a removable prosthesis are not definitive solutions. Over the years it is important to replace them and adapt them to our mouth.