10 Most Common Dental Diseases

Always they tell you, go to the dentist, brush your teeth, take care that mouth … .And you feel harassed but they are right because if we do we avoid dental disease. And is that doing a dental hygiene is not so much and visit the dentist either, because if you do you can prevent any problem. However, many do not, causing not only an unhealthy mouth but a greater economic cost, given the subsequent dental treatments.

In view of the number of people who do not take care of their mouth, we want to explain the most common dental diseases.


A cavity is a crack in your tooth arises because of poor dental hygiene. And is that a bad dental hygiene generates the appearance of a dental plaque causing, in due course, acids that cause said crack in the tooth. That crack is on the outside of the tooth, so do not hesitate to go to your dentist on time, cavities can worsen and affect the nerve! , Then having to remove the tooth.


Gingivitis is a mild periodontal disease manifested by gum infection due to poor dental care. Failure to brush your teeth daily promotes dental plaque and this generates germs and bacteria that cause swelling and redness of the teeth. If you do not brush your teeth every day the situation may worsen and cause periodontitis.


We can define it as the continuation of the gingivitis. The symptoms are similar, redness, bleeding and swelling. What happens in this case is that if you let increase plaque and tartar in your mouth you can cause the loss of bone around the tooth causing the loss of it.


Poor oral hygiene and smoking are common causes of bad breath in people. You must make a daily oral hygiene and dental cleanings a year, for more information click here

Herpes and canker sores

The cold sores are common viruses appear as fluid – filled blisters around the mouth. It is usually for life, although not always manifest, and is spread by direct contact. Its healing usually lasts 6 to 10 days of healing once the blister ruptures.

Canker sores are similar to herpes, circular and white bags but not contagious and these being found inside the mouth.


When we talk about malocclusion we are talking about poor placement of teeth, that is, they are not correctly aligned. Almost 90% of the population have this problem, but has a solution, the orthodontics. It is advisable to visit the dentist and to advise you about your teeth. If you have indicated put some brackets, we recommend you see our post on brackets  or if you consider the price of your dentist are very high can see the counter offers of other dentists in comparadentistas.com

Hip mineralization of the incisors and molars

It is a common disease that affects the tooth enamel, being the incisors and molars more sensitive than normal. This is due to the alteration of the incisors and molars in their stage of growth and / or maturation, so you have to be very careful in this period of changes of the teeth.

Oral cancer

Oral cancer is generated by inadequate cleaning the mouth, where there are many bacteria and germs. It is a disease that mainly affects the lips, tongue, salivary flow, gums or palate and that is detected by the long duration of an ulcer or inflammation.

Most people with oral cancer are smokers or drink too much alcohol.


A dental cyst, known professionally as cyst odontogenic is a bit average cavity benign and which may have pus inside. Normally there is usually no problem, that is, once that you go to your dentist tea and summoned to striper the cyst dental l. But some exceptional cases, the dental cyst may cause damage to the gums leading to tooth loss, it all depends on the area where you are, and what teeth affects how your dental health.

The cyst may appear by an infection of the tooth and / or bone where it has made any dental implant.


The pulpitis is an inflammatory process caused by decay, some kind of inflammation or any reaction of the elements used for dental treatments, which affects the tissue covering the tooth where the nerves and blood vessels is, i.e. the tooth pulp.