Advantages Of Visiting The Dentist

The objective of this campaign has been to make the population aware of the importance of visiting the dentist to prevent possible diseases.

  1. Going to the dentist 2 times a year helps prevent possible diseases.
  2. Having a clean mouth and healthy gums reduces by 13% the risk of stroke.
  3. From that start teething it is advisable to bring children to the dentist at least 2 times a year.
  4. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes in women and causes increased risk of certain dental problems such as gingivitis.
  5. The gum problems double the risk of stroke.
  6. Early detection of dental disease can start treatment early, much less expensive and much faster than when the problem is detected at a more advanced stage.
  7. Poor dental hygiene decreases memory.
  8. Men with periodontitis severe are 3 times more likely to suffer from erection problems.
  9. Bruxism can cause bone loss and excessive wear of the teeth. It can also destroy prostheses, crowns, restorations and even generate some type of periodontal disease. It is very easy to correct and causes no pain.
  10. Teeth can become very sensitive when their natural protection, enamel, disappears by decay, fractures, cracks, and receding gums leaving the root air or any other cause. Taking very hot or cold foods can be very painful. It is not justifiable to suffer if the treatment is simple, fast and economical.
  11. The gum problems increase the risk of pneumonia and other respiratory problems.
  12. The lack of good oral hygiene can make diabetes harder to control.
  13. Your smile is not just your cover letter to the world but also one of the pillars of your self – esteem.
  14. The gum disease increase up to 50% the possibility of occurrence of kidney or pancreatic cancer.
  15. Some habits of children as prolonged use of a pacifier, thumb sucking or sleeping with his mouth open in children older than 3 years are related to malocclusion , incorrect relationship between maxillary and mandibular bones, anterior open bite or cross bite after being The latter the most serious.
  16. Halitosis may indicate disease, the mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria. Correct brushing of the teeth, as indicated by the dentist, and completing oral hygiene with an adequate cleaning of the tongue at least once a day, can solve the problem.
  17. The appearance of spots or yellow teeth can be due to poor hygiene, snuff, alcohol or excessive consumption of sweets. It is important to fight the cause to make a more lasting whitening.
  18. Snoring is a serious danger, because several times at night breathing (apnea) is cut. The intervention of a dentist who knows the latest anti – snoring devices, can improve the quality of life.
  19. Many health problems may become apparent in the mouth, such as osteoporosis (loss of bone density can affect your teeth), certain types of cancer and eating disorders.
  20. If teeth and gums are harmonic the smile is beautiful. If too much gum smile suffers shown. Some interventions dentist, sometimes very simple, can restore the proportion reshaping teeth or gums reducing visible and lengthening the short teeth.
  21. Do not trust your intuition to discover if you have cavities or not. For every cavities you can see there are one or two more, invisible to you.
  22. Good dental health can increase your life expectancy by six years.
  23. Keep your teeth healthy for much longer. Your dentist can perform dental cleanings much further to complement your home oral hygiene.
  24. Set a good example for your children. From an early age encourage healthy habits and frequent visits to the dentist help create a positive image of the dentist, prevent future fears and we allow anticipate dental problems that are to come.
  25. If we have defects such as malformed teeth, stained, broken or hereditary problems, today the dentist can fix. The result will be the same as a natural tooth and the color will be chosen according to the teeth of each patient.
  26. When there is pain because there is a problem, it is a warning sign the body. It can come from uncured caries that reaches the nerve, fractures of weakened teeth, gum problems, missing teeth, fractured prostheses or trauma. The dentist will quickly identify the cause of pain.
  27. For chewing is successful, it is important the presence of all teeth , well positioned, without traumas joint without pain of tooth decay or gum for tartar, without interference in the masticatory process, without overloading the stomach functions which it was not developed .
  28. Many complications related to oral diseases can occur. Chronic gum disease can cause endocarditis, angina pectoris, arterial blockage and premature births.
  29. When tooth loss occurs must prevent wear of the neighboring teeth, so it is advisable to replace the missing piece with an implant. On the implant will be placed a crown exactly equal to the lost tooth and the case will be solved.
  30. In the mouth you can manifest over two hundred diseases, local or originated in different parts of the body. By careful observation of its manifestations, the dentist can work with the doctor and the patient in the diagnosis of a disease.