Cries are usually some symptoms that the child is afraid to go to the dentist. This fear of the oral health professional can be controlled by the parents taking into account certain recommendations: The visits to the dentist must be periodic, every 6 months, in such a way that a preventive treatment is carried out […]

Modern dentistry does everything to somehow draw people to brushing their teeth. It came to that the toothbrush can clean our teeth by itself. It is enough to buy an electric toothbrush, apply toothpaste on it and turn it on. In this case, the bristles of such brushes can perform different movements. This makes it […]

Fear of the dentist is a much more common occurrence than we imagine. There is a percentage of the population unable to go to the dental clinic because of this fear, and that just thinking about it generates anxiety, so the fear is able to make it impossible for the patient to have a healthy […]

Care oral health is very important. But the best way to promote health in this area is prevention. However, fear of the dentist is a common brake in the lives of those who have had some experience of pain. And then, they have been able to develop an irrational panic at reviews. It is very […]

Fear of the dentist is something much more common than you think. Many people develop it in the same childhood, associating the professionals of the mouth and their consultations with something negative. However, this thought, besides being irrational, is counterproductive to your health. In our blog we have spoken on many occasions about the importance […]

Design without title The advances in technology and science that have occurred in the field of dentists, have not been enough for many people to reduce their fear of going to the dentist. Therefore, some doctors like Maria del Carmen Sanchez says “know how to address these cases and get patients to relax is an […]

Conscious sedation provides comfort and avoids stressful memories, helping to overcome the fear of the dentist who suffers from many people Up to 70% of the population reported feeling fear to the dentist and, a high percentage of them, considerable anxiety at the prospect of undergoing dental treatment, however simple it may be. But there […]

When it’s time to visit the dentist, the younger members of your family may not be as excited. Many children experience anxiety when they go to the dentist, they feel emotions ranging from mild opposition to extreme fear just thinking that they have to sit on the couch. It is important to help your child […]

Humans develop two sets of teeth during their lives. The first group of teeth is called milk or baby teeth. They are usually small, white and the immature mouth will only be 20. When the jaw matures, these small “teeth” are replaced by other large permanent ones that are 32. During all phases of tooth […]

The dental implants are expensive investments and need to be protected. In order to better maintain them and avoid complications such as the rejection of the implant, dentists insist on impeccable oral hygiene. Extra effort is needed to clean the teeth and the entire inside of the mouth to remove dental plaque daily. Poor hygiene […]