Any surgical intervention requires postoperative care. In a hospital we blame the professionals for the care they give us or they stop giving; In this case, the care you are going to make, take responsibility and make it better than a professional, look through your mouth. Damage check After dental extraction, the dentist carefully checks […]

Many people feel anxiety and nervousness whenever an approaching visit to the dentist. Some even go so far as to avoid visits to the dentist completely because they cannot stand the idea of ​​needles, strawberries or resin. If you are afraid to go to the dentist, here we tell you what you can do so […]

The objective of this campaign has been to make the population aware of the importance of visiting the dentist to prevent possible diseases. Going to the dentist 2 times a year helps prevent possible diseases. Having a clean mouth and healthy gums reduces by 13% the risk of stroke. From that start teething it is […]

The importance of hygiene oral, and feeling the mouth clean and fresh, is something that people often must interact for their work or their well – known social contacts. A good dental cleaning gives confidence needed to express and smile openly without fear of bad breath and stains dental, and to be able to transmit […]

Oral hygiene begins before the first tooth comes out One of the most common mistakes is to think that we should start worrying about the dental health of our children once they have teeth. We forget that dairy feed with which stick to the tongue can produce mushrooms so experts recommend cleaning the gums and […]

It is known that the implants are expensive, a single dental implant may be worth 1200 $, up almost 4000 $. To understand the reason for this price, you have to know that the customer is not buying a product, but a service. Dental implants are placed on living tissue. In that tissue you will […]

Always they tell you, go to the dentist, brush your teeth, take care that mouth … .And you feel harassed but they are right because if we do we avoid dental disease. And is that doing a dental hygiene is not so much and visit the dentist either, because if you do you can prevent […]

Effectively, electric toothbrushes help to remove more plaque than manual brushes. That does not mean that manual brushes are not effective, but you need to be very thorough and spend a little more time brushing if you use a manual toothbrush. Even so, with electric brushes we also have to make movements when it comes […]

Upon reaching adulthood, many people feel fear or discomfort when going to the dentist, and usually, this kind of fear comes from some uncomfortable experience they had during childhood. To help your children combat fear of the dentist, you can practice the recommendations you will see below. Remember that visits to the dentist should be […]

The dental veneers are very thin sheets which are fixed on the front of the teeth by an adhesive to correct cosmetic problems such as fractures, blemishes, unequal size and shape, or other defects. Its placement is very simple and painless and results in a white and natural smile for many years. There are two […]