How to lose the fear of the dentist

As a result, many people avoid or delay the visit to the dentist, which negatively affects their oral health, becoming a vicious circle from which it is difficult to leave.

First, look for a dentist that transmits confidence that makes you feel comfortable, at ease, quiet. Ask for recommendation if necessary, to your family and friends. Once you get to the right specialist, explain your fear, and verbalize your phobia at the first consultation. Do not worry, he will understand you. Talk to him before, during and after the consultation. Knowing the procedure and receiving information will surely help you feel more comfortable.

Start with something simple, that is, a dental cleaning or revision. Little by little you will be able to face more complex treatments. When the time comes, think of the technological advances that allow most procedures to be practically painless. The tools currently used by dental professionals have nothing to do with the rudimentary devices of yesteryear.

Avoid foods, drinks and stimulants. Opt for relaxation techniques that can help you have a more pleasant experience and try to distract yourself by using different elements. Many recognize that listening to music or watching television in the clinic reassures them and helps them make the visit a more pleasant experience.

In spite of all this, the most important thing is to be fully aware of our fear, not to look the other way. It is essential to have a positive attitude that helps us and motivates us to find a way to overcome it. Remember that you go to the dentist to keep your teeth healthy and avoid major complications. More than if it can hurt or not, you have to think about the benefits and the results.