How to make your teeth stronger and healthier

Humans develop two sets of teeth during their lives. The first group of teeth is called milk or baby teeth. They are usually small, white and the immature mouth will only be 20. When the jaw matures, these small “teeth” are replaced by other large permanent ones that are 32. During all phases of tooth life, the prevention of tooth decay is recommends preserving your health and strength.


Wet your toothbrush with cold water and apply toothpaste containing fluoride to the bristles. Fluoride strengthens the teeth, making them more durable.

Brush your teeth for one or two minutes daily. Move the brush back and forth across the top of the teeth, and then brush the top and sides. Spit toothpaste and saliva.

Rinse your mouth with a mouthwash that contains fluoride. Brush your teeth twice a day after meals.

Meals with calcium

Eat calcium-rich foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt daily. Calcium strengthens the teeth.

Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily menu for better gum health. These foods contain vitamins A and C, important ingredients for good gum health.

Drink a cup or a glass of tea a day. Tea is a good source of natural fluoride. Avoid loading your tea with sugar as it can damage your teeth.

Eat a serving of wheat at least once a day. Whole wheat contains vitamin B and iron, vitamins also important for good dental health.


  • Flosses every day to remove food from the teeth.
  • Visit your dentist once a year to clean your teeth.


  • Avoid sticky sugary foods that stick to your teeth and weaken them.