How to overcome the fear of dentists?

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The advances in technology and science that have occurred in the field of dentists, have not been enough for many people to reduce their fear of going to the dentist. Therefore, some doctors like Maria del Carmen Sanchez says “know how to address these cases and get patients to relax is an essential step to solve the dental problems suffered by these people and provide a solution to the unpleasant pain that can cause in the oral cavityā€¯ .

In most cases, patients go to the dentist with a certain level of anxiety. With regard to this anxiety, the patient’s reaction to some action varies according to their emotional state, in which we can observe different types of reactions and anxiety: Adaptive (occurs in a normal situation, usually occurs in an unknown or new situation) and the incapacitating anxiety in which one enters a dental phobia. In these cases, due to nerves and anxiety, the patient experiences more pain, more work time and even more discomfort.

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As in any situation that may arise in life, fear is very subjective and influences personal interpretation more than reality itself. Some triggering stimuli are recognized, such as the white coat, the injection, the sensation of anesthesia, not being able to swallow, lying down, not being able to close the mouth, strange flavors … But the most frequent cause of this odontophobia are the traumatic experiences (mostly during childhood and adolescence).

In what way can we end the fear of the dentist? We must identify our fears and change our beliefs regarding the dentist. We can use conscious sedation, which is a new technique in which any treatment can be performed in a single session. In this way, nervous tension and anxiety are reduced considerably and cause some amnesia in the procedures. They have a minimal side effect.