How to overcome the fear of the dentist

Fear of the dentist is something much more common than you think. Many people develop it in the same childhood, associating the professionals of the mouth and their consultations with something negative. However, this thought, besides being irrational, is counterproductive to your health. In our blog we have spoken on many occasions about the importance of going to a dental office at least once a year. Prevention is the best remedy to avoid greater evils. But how to overcome this absurd fear of going to the dentist?

Looking for reasoning to fears can be illogical. After all, they do not follow any rules. However, it is true that the fear of the dentist, because it is quite common, can have several major explanations. Understand why the problem is usually the principle of finding a solution to suit you. So, if you are tired of having these sensations, read on below to discover how far you can get to understand it:

Childish fears. Many people who are afraid of going to the dentist suffer because they have had an unfavorable experience since childhood. To overcome it, we must be aware that when we are small, we do not always have the best perception. Keep calm and rationalize visits is your best alternative.

Grimond sensations of sensitivity to noise. It is true that the noise of the lathes and the smells of some compounds do not help you feel comfortable in the consultation. To give too many laps to this will only increase your anxiety potentiating that fear that you already have.

Discomfort for the space and the devices for which it is surrounded. A dentist’s room can remind you of very unpleasant scenes. However, the devices you see are not so different from those of other medical specialties. Only in the collective imagination we have always associated them with that bad reputation. And then, the feelings of discomfort increase.

Obsession with a pain that does not exist. Dentists use anesthesia for any treatment that requires it and produces pain. That does not mean you cannot notice discomfort, but it is not pain in itself. Have you ever thought if it is nice to visit any other specialist in medicine? Well, it never is. But that’s not why you stop going, do you?

Lack of professionalism of the dentist. Although it is rarely referred to, many of the fears of dental health professionals are motivated by the fact that the best dentist is not seen. At least not the one who knows how to deal well with his patients? Beyond being kind, putting yourself on their skin and looking for alternatives to a time that is not always comfortable is the best way to avoid those absurd fears.

The tricks to overcome the fear of the dentist

One of the first things to do when you suffer this fear of going to the dentist is to think about what motivates you. Having this clear, the first recommendation is to try a professional who understands these situations better. From DEA Clinics we care about the health and comfort of our patients. We have trained professionals who know how to deal with these situations.