How to overcome the fear of the dentist?

Conscious sedation provides comfort and avoids stressful memories, helping to overcome the fear of the dentist who suffers from many people

Up to 70% of the population reported feeling fear to the dentist and, a high percentage of them, considerable anxiety at the prospect of undergoing dental treatment, however simple it may be. But there are more extreme cases: 15% describe sensations close to panic; It is what we call dental phobia or odontophobia.

All these people need to overcome the fear of the dentist since to a greater or lesser extent, these attitudes tend to lead to the avoidance of dental treatments, with consequent consequences on their oral health.

Conscious sedation is the best method to suppress fear, anxiety or phobia to the dentist, allowing to live comfortably a situation that is feared.

Reasons why you have to overcome the fear of the dentist

Throughout the intervention, with conscious sedation, the patient is in a state of relaxation and drowsiness, with no perception of the time elapsed or the stressful sensations associated with dental interventions (noises, smells, vision of the operating theater, pain during the administration of the local anesthetic and intervention, discomfort due to prolonged opening of the mouth, etc.). In our dental clinics we have all the technical and human resources to perform this type of intervention and help you overcome the fear of the dentist

The use of conscious sedation allows greater collaboration on the part of the patient, which greatly facilitates the work of the dentist. At the end of the intervention, the patient is relaxed, without remembering anything about the treatment that has been done, and can be incorporated shortly after their daily activities.