How to properly brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush

Modern dentistry does everything to somehow draw people to brushing their teeth. It came to that the toothbrush can clean our teeth by itself. It is enough to buy an electric toothbrush, apply toothpaste on it and turn it on. In this case, the bristles of such brushes can perform different movements. This makes it possible to clean even the deepest dental impurities, which cannot always be removed with a conventional brush.

There is nothing complicated in using an electric toothbrush. You press a special button directly on the brush and you can start cleaning your teeth. Nevertheless, there are several secrets that will help make this cleaning more effective. Let’s consider them.

  • During cleaning do not need to press the brush head. This creates a load on the “vulnerable” gum and, as a result, they can begin to bleed or worse.
  • Try to keep the electric brush at an angle to the gums. This will completely cover the tooth with the head of the electric brush.
  • When the electric brush begins its work, do not make sudden movements. Thoroughly clean each tooth and gently move from tooth to tooth.

Dentistry does not give any restrictions on the purchase of electric wool. You can go to any supermarket and buy your favorite electric brush. But still, before buying it is desirable to get advice from a dentist. These brushes can be used even by children. In this case, parents should be near. Only first the child needs to be introduced to a conventional brush and when he learns it, you can switch to an electric brush.